MTB Space & cicling

MTB Space & cicling

The friends of the bicycle, in all its disciplines, will find in the hotel Nievesol their ideal ally.

We have facilities where you can store your bicycle, clean it or repair it and we can serve you special menus for athletes.

We are located in the Alto Gállego MTB Space.

It is a sports-tourism space that includes a series of itineraries or routes for mountain biking or all-terrain (MTB), signposted, freely accessible and of varying difficulty that are distributed throughout the Alto Gállego Region.

The Space also offers a series of complementary facilities and services to support the use of bicycles (information points, reception points, cartographic information, website, etc.)

As a general rule, the MTB Space routes are circular. All of them are signposted in only one direction of traffic, try to avoid sections of motorized traffic and minimize paved surfaces.

The routes are signposted through directional plates from the starting point to the arrival point and are present especially at intersection points and sudden changes in direction. We will find these plaques on specific supports (as in the case of wooden sticks) or on natural and urban supports, depending on the locations and regulations of each area. At the exit points of the routes we will also find an information board.

The levels of difficulty are indicated by means of a color code that we will find in all the elements of information and signaling on the ground. The color of the signaling has a progressive gradation depending on the difficulty of the route.


As for clico tourism, there are also interesting itineraries. Not surprisingly, Formigal has been the protagonist of stages of the Tour of Spain on several occasions and the mythical ports of the Tour de France, such as Coll du Tourmalet, Coll D’Aubisque and Coll D’Aspin, are located a few kilometers from the hotel.